Mr. Munir Khan


15th January 1950 (age 66) Kota, Rajasthan India


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India





Years active



Muslim (Sunni)

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  • Mr. Munir Khan about the unifying theme of his research career, which has spanned more than three decades to the subject of body revival and has spent much of his career in research of inventing a formula which helps in complications arise due to various serious diseases. However, his long journey through science & Ayurveda is chronicled in quests as diverse as unraveling the formula without which treating of many diseases would not have been possible. Although Mr. Munir Khan recently made waves for his provocative stance on the fiercely contested existence of body revival, he is best known for his ability to detoxify the body, taking out the bad cells from body which ends up giving benefits in complications arise due to various diseases like Cancer, Brain Tumor, Heart Blockage etc.had a mission to eradicate the ailments of the human suffering and to achieve the same devoid of the most dreaded evil monster of modern DISEASES including SIDE EFFECTS.

Munir Khan's Child Life and Education

  • Born on 15th January, 1950 in Kota, Rajasthan, Mr.Munir Khan spent much of his youth in Kota, a pastoral town in Rajasthan where his father was an Army Lt. Col in British period and retired as security officer in ACC factory. Mr.Munir Khan says, as a boy growing up surrounded by a very normal environment, hehad no inkling that he would one day pursue self-ayurveda/science.
    A passing interest in ayurvedic medicines foreshadowed Mr.Munir Khan’s decades-long career. The narrative of his early years does not feature childhood mentors or life-changing epiphanies, but it tells a story of hardscrabble self-discovery propelled by chance and scientific curiosity.
    In 1972, Mr.Munir Khan pursued his self-research studies in the field of ayurvedic medicine and explored the micro herbal based formula for body revival. Scientific freedom is a theme that runs through Mr.Munir Khan’s mind.

Munir Khan's Early Work and Miracle Year

  • Mr. Munir Khan began his career as a business man in Kota while working as a businessman/contractor he saw many people who were suffering from chronic disease which was incurable or if treatment was available then only high class people could afford it but others do not have any alternative and were dying. After observing this worse situation of the society need of people he was having enthusiasm to deliver something for the welfare of the society and to help them.
    Human circuitous path to the mankind began when at the same time the term “Herbal Science” had just entered the scientific vocabulary, Mr. Munir Khan became interested in the self-research of herbal science and micro herbal based remedies for incurable diseases. After observing chronicle condition of patients suffering from ailments which do not have any remedy gave him strong motivation of his interest to research more hard on Ayurveda
    In early 90’s Mr. Munir Khan’s discoveries on detoxification of bad cells of body which helps to treat many kind of diseases like Cancer, Brain Tumor, Heart Blockage, AIDS etc. cemented his reputation in the society and earned him a position of high repute.

LimeLight Before Stepping Mumbai

  • After having long study and self-research on ayurvedic medicine Munir Khan invented the medicine called “Body Revival” and gave his invention to patient with which they were getting better day by day in Kota. Patients of cancer from Kota who were getting well told others about Munir Khan’s invention and how people are getting rid of cancer and many more chronic diseases from his invention without much expenditure. After these positive results people who were suffering from diseases got interested to take his medicine for their familiar ones who were suffering from cancer or any other disease.
    Munir Khan got famous among patients and people from far states got interested to buy his miraculous medicine.Having the purpose to help every sick and needy person and looking after the response of his invented medicine from patient on request of them he then decided to shift Mumbai so he can avail his medicine vastly in society.


  • After his miraculous invention and patient reviews that were getting well publicized him verbally in the society as it gave a new hope to life of the peoples suffering. Many patients, high profile celebrities even though ministers use to visit his place to take the benefit of this medicine after getting into this limelight his articles along with the people reviews benefited from his medicine were published in magazines, newspapers etc.

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