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After spending an intervening years in self-research and studies Mr. Munir Khan has been awarded with many awards. Mr. Munir Khan has his company name “Health Reactive” has 2 Factories in different part of India which mainly manufactures Medicine “Body Revival”.

Mr. Munir Khan‘s Company “Health Reactive” follows up the international rules and regulation of medicine manufacturing and has been ISO and GMP Certified also the process of manufacturing “Body Revival” and other Medicines are always under professional guidance and technical staff.

The Inventor khan was fighting battles on many fronts and in a way was tormented and targeted for his “Body Revival” medicine. However, the good human being to the core, Munir Khan, with a healthy mind, withstood the mountain of odds.

He says that the good must be extended to all of society before it can be held secure by any one person or any one class. He has never made any difference in his treatment between rich or poor and served selflessly to the society and needy.

Health Reactive has well defined Research and Development policy. The promoters and tech. staff of the company have not only launched a product but their zeal and mission to eradicate the ailments of the human suffering and to achieve the same devoid of the most dreaded evil monster of modern DISEASES including SIDE EFFECTS. The pursuit of this mission gave birth to a passion to develop such a product which should be a pinnacle in the Shodhana-Rasayana-Kayakalp segment as laid out by Maharishi Charaka in his ayurvedic text compilation “Charaka Samhita”. Inventor and Promoter of the company, Mr. Munir Khan has Invented ‘Body Revival’ which is an Micro-Herbal, 100% plant based formula which dissolves the harmful deposits and flushes out the toxins (Mala) through urine and stool. It also maintains and revives the tissue cells in their state of excellent health by clearing all the channels of circulation in the body, thus, bringing the body in the state of equilibrium and forcing the disease to abandon the body in the form of various excretions (Mala).

Health Reactive blends Ayurvedic expertise with modern technology to authentically the efficacy and safety of such herbs and the ultimate formulations.

Not only Body Revival is itself free from Side-Effects but relieves the ailing body from the side effects of other medicines, therapies, pollutants and toxins. This is the special feature of Body Revival.

The R&D department is focused on developing specialized products, quality control and standardization. Body Revival is derived after intensive in house research and produced in the state of the art production facilities.

Health Reactive and Body Revival in pursuit of excellence of international standards is benchmarked at par with worldwide accepted protocols such as, A GMP Certified Ayurvedic Quality Medicine.

Munir Khan Body Revival and Ayurveda

Indian System of medicine, Ayurveda is unique in recognizing at first rejuvenation, not only as possible, but assigning it priority over treatment of other ailments. To achieve rejuvenation, various body purification processes (shodhana) were adopted by the ancient hermits / ascetics whom we term as ‘detoxification’ in modern science. After detoxification, to further revive the ageing body, Rasayana (rejuvenation) therapy was initiated. The precise selection of divya herbs and where then action of each plants was determined by the doctrine of Rasa,Virya, Vipaca, Guna and Karma of the plant. Rasayanas were thus, specific remedies for rejuvenation (Body revival) especially for the aged and were so powerful that they could also treat irremediable diseases. With this therapy, all tissues, glands and organs, however inactive, started to function in harmony.

Rasayana is the Ayurvedic science of rejuvenation and longevity. “Body Revival” is one such “Rasayana” developed by “M/s Health Reactive”, is a unique micro herbal formula which dissolves completely the harmful deposits and flushes out the toxins (Mala) though urine and stool.

About Body Revival and It's Inventor

“Body Revival” is a high quality Ayurvedic formulation and invention by Inventor Mr.Munir Khan, A humble and simple person from Kota city in Rajasthan state – India. His hard work and un-tiring experimentation in Ayurveda formulation over the years gave him a breakthrough to serve humanity; today thousands of patients across the world have been benefited by his Aryurvedic herbal formulation “Body Revival”, His awards from various organizations and most recently receiving award from Maharashtra Chief Minister Shri. Devendra Fadnavis is itself great honoured respect to Munir Khan’s Ayurveda formulation indeed an achievement to medical science and humanity.

Why are patients falling back to Ayurveda help for their life to get heal and be back to normal life? Why does modern science do not have any answer to serious and irremediable diseases like Cancer, HIV, Diabetes and many more feared sickness… the answer is very simple- Modern science has limitations, it has advantages but not a permanent solution.

Ayurveda indicates both the ancient traditional origins of this body of knowledge and the modern commitment to experience, system, testability, and the demand that knowledge is useful in improving the quality of human life. A little patience and Ayurveda can do the impossible without any side effects, perseverance is the only route when you adopt Ayurveda and therefore “Body Revival” has adopted Ayurveda formulation to serve irremediable patients with various sicknesses.

Usage & Advantages Of Body Revival

It is pertinent to note that “Body Revival” does not claim to cure any diseases it has the propensity to locate all abnormal disease producing new cells in the body and detoxifying them which are in turn flushed out of the body through various routes of excretion and rejuvenating new healthy cells in its place which in turn alleviate the sufferings of the patient. It helps in the removal of toxic substances from organisms which are harmful for the body and disease get alleviated.

The principles of this Ayurvedic formulation “Body Revival” is to strengthen the inner body cells that have been weakened and make it grow stronger after repairing itself from damage. Understanding this theory, the “Body Revival” formulation is based on pure honey and extract of herbs acquired from deep mountains and used as a primary component to repair the patient’s body cells and increase its strength, immunity and blood cleansing.

Perfect health means wholeness, balance on all levels of life. When individual life is established in the unified field of all the laws of nature, all actions are spontaneously in accord with natural law. This Ayurvedic formulation allows the patient to recover to normalcy depending upon age, level of damage and type of human body, as every human is different in more than many ways, so the formulation works differently in every patient.

This Ayurvedic formulation can physically enhance the patient’s speed, strength and healing capabilities to normal levels. It also makes the person’s physical appearance more fit.

Ayurveda is a gift of god’s own natural resources from trees and plants, consuming Ayurveda by no means can cause harm to human body, but it can help the body in many ways. Ayurveda products and formulation is ancient age old remedy and a hit back answer to medical science that are still silent.

Ayurvedic formulation and medicine is a challenge of correct knowledge from Rishi Munnis. Maharishi’s has developed and made available a technology for the systematic exploration of the unified field. This technology is a means by which anyone can gain access to the unified field and explore it through experience of the simplest and most unified state of consciousness. They lived in the mountains for ages and are still seen around, their only mission and challenge was to extract the right herb from the right trees and plants to heal various diseases and sickness that even today medical science fails to deliver.

Modern World Of Ayurveda

The modern world today is going back away from modern science to the old age remedies like Ayurveda, Siddha, Unnani and Homeopathy. The knowledge gained through exploration of consciousness, developed by the great masters in the Himalayas who first expressed this knowledge and passed it on over many thousands of years in what is now the oldest continuous tradition of knowledge in existence. Maharishi’s work in founding this technology is very much steeped in that ancient tradition, but his work is also very much imbued with the spirit of modern science and shares its commitment to direct experience and empirical testing as the foundation and criteria of all knowledge.

Today's Generation and Ayurveda

Today’s generation has lost touch with the past and is vastly moving in a dominant era of… I, Me and Myself, the result is severe and the price they will pay would be much more severe than one can wonder, but with need and Internet reach, the necessity is infusing them with search engines to power them with knowledge they have lost contact with, it’s now matter of trust, time and confidence that this generation will finally realize the ultimate power of Ayurveda and its aiding capabilities. “Body Revival” has embarked on a journey of Ayurveda to fight the impossible and give humanity that extra mile of life to live on this beautiful planet “Earth”.

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